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Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd. has taken a step towards serving the nation in the desperate times of crisis due to the deadly Coronavirus outbreak in the country. They have developed an app and a Geoportal.... Read More

SGL was responsible for developing a GIS Dashboard to be implemented by Agra Smart City to show various hotspots, heat map, positive cases and recovered cases. Click here to read more Read More

A Hi-Tech centralized monitoring system, developed by SGL, is being rolled out by the Jamshedpur District Administration to track the movement of the positive, suspected and quarantined cases in the city. Click here to.... Read More

SGL is proud to help one more authority to fight COVID19. Solution developed on IGiS is being implemented, a real-time, hi-tech monitoring system for persons under quarantine, yet again, for East Singhbhum District. Click.... Read More

Agra Smart City has implemented a GIS enabled dashboard to monitor various COVID 19 hotspots, heat map, positive cases, recovered cases, etc. This dashboard has been developed by SGL. Click here to read more Read More

Dehradun Smart City Ltd. has launched an application developed by Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd. to track COVID 19 cases in the region. The application has been designed to help the officials keep a check at.... Read More