IGiS 3D Pruthvi

End-to-end 3D GIS platform for creating, processing, viewing and analysing 3D geospatial data

64-bit multithreading architecture enables users to handle massive (Global Scale) data efficiently. It has an inbuilt SDK and rich APIs for easy customization and development of 3D GIS applications.

Versatile, Interoperable And Efficient

  • IGiS Pruthvi supports various types of data formats as per OGC standards. It includes.
    • Imagery - High-resolution satellite, drone, and aerial imagery
    • Terrain - Global-scale terrain in any projection
    • BIM & CAD - Visualize massive design models at the highest detail
    • 3D Building - Cities with millions of textured buildings
    • Photogrammetry - Massive photogrammetry or LiDAR-derived meshes
    • Point Clouds - Billions of points (LiDAR) with millimetre precision
    • Vector data - GeoJSON, KML, Shape, etc.
    • OGC - WMS, WFS, WCS, CSW, WPS, etc.
  • SOA-based architecture and capabilities to integrate with WebGL
  • Supports AR/VR for a unique three-dimensional experience
  • Seamless experience across desktop, web, and mobile platforms
  • GPU-based acceleration capabilities

3D Visualization and Analytics

  • Measurements such as length, ground length, profile, area, floor area, angle, height, coordinate, etc.
  • Support of online maps such as Google, Bing Map, ArcGIS Map, OSM, Map Box, etc.
  • Comparison tools such as compare, swipe, etc.
  • Support of Globe View, Flat 3D View, and 2D View.
  • Plotting tools to create tags, bookmarks with attributes, and 2d/3D symbol placement.
  • Over the ground, underground, indoor, and outdoor visualization of objects.

  • Model Cut tool for the visualization of the object from different directions.
  • Supports simulation of atmospheric conditions like sunlight, fog, rain, snowfall, snow cover, water reflections, waves, etc.
  • Creation of flythrough model, Scene, Walkthrough, etc.
  • 3D Analysis like View shed, Line Profile, Line of Sight, Dynamic Contour, Threat Dome, Flooding, Buffer, Flythrough Model, Scene, Walkthrough, and many more.
  • Animation effects on point, line, and polygon such as dynamic effects, dynamic diffusion effects, dynamic line, line glow, dynamic scanning, etc.
  • Create custom objects and animations using JSON scripting.
  • Support CZML-based object and animation
  • Tool for Video Fusion to display a video on the model

IGiS Pruthvi 3D For Developer

IGiS Pruthvi is the foundational platform for creating 3D GIS applications. It has

  • 3D development framework with SDK for customization
  • Ready-to-use 100’s UI widgets
  • Standard library like Javascript for 3D Virtual mapping and Integration.

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