IGiS Geo-Locator for COVID-19


Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd. has taken a step towards serving the nation in the desperate times of crisis due to the deadly Coronavirus outbreak in the country. They have developed an app and a Geoportal to leverage GIS and Geo-Tagging to acquire, monitor and analyze the data for better response to COVID 19 situations in the area under respective administration. This solution can be deployed by respective government authorities like state or district administration, municipal corporation or smart city SPV. This solution consists of the Mobile app & Geo-portal which includes a centralized dashboard. Mobile app (IGiS Geo-Locator) will allow the authority to centrally monitor coronavirus positive or suspect cases under quarantine while Geo-portal and dashboard will help the authority to get all the information about corona outbreak at one place for better planning and response.

The app “IGiS Geo-Locator” is available on Google Play Store for Android users. Once downloaded on patients mobile it will allow health officials to centrally monitor the live location of the patients or suspect kept under quarantine or self-isolation. A virtual geofence would be created around each of the patient’s quarantine location, which would facilitate the generation of various forms of alert in case of patients/suspect moves out of the geo-fenced boundaries. A report providing movement trail of the patient’s movement can also be generated centrally as proof of quarantine violation if required.

A Geo-portal & dashboard has been designed and developed to centrally visualize the data of patients, health care facilities, testing centers, essential services, community kitchens, shelter homes (for stranded people) and other important details like “Red Zone” or “Containment Area” on the map as well as in form of charts. It would also help the authority to map, plan and augment the health care facilities or essential services touchpoints in the given area. The marking of “Red Zone” will help create better citizen awareness and restrict the movement in isolated areas.

The append geo-portal in coordination would help the authorities to plan their response to this emergency as well as serve the people in need in a better way. It will also help improve the people’s participation and support by creating better awareness of citizens at large.




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